The Newest Players at XO Lifestyles Worldwide for Running Springs, California

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There are new players on the field at XO. Brad Stewart, President, XO Lifestyle Worldwide and Chanda Zaveri, Chief Science Officer, XO Lifestyle Worldwide.

What does this mean to the future of a company built over the past decade, founded to take healthy chocolate to the world, established to increase certainty in the home based business, and known as the unprecedented creator of extraordinary products?

I’ve been here in Running Springs, California promoting products such as Xobiotic and power squares since 2008. I am excited to have these new executives join this company that I love. I believe these changes will make an already successful company truly phenomenal.

New XO President Brad Stewart comes highly recommended in the business and finance arena. I am confident his distinguished background in building and creating success will support successful XO distributors. He has been in the game for years and understands the important needs of the individual in order to strengthen the whole.

Chanda Zaveri comes with equally inspiring qualifications. Her history of sheer determination, intense research and higher education bring real well-being and power to the field. Her singular presence will clearly improve the already innovative anti-aging, and skin products available. Ms. Zaveri created the breakthrough acne treatment SkinHealix Acne Dots, the newest player on the XO product line.

With these new XO Lifestyle Worldwide players I expect to see innovative change and the introduction of effective products and tools for success worldwide and here in San Bernardino.

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